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Shades of Blue in the Ionian Sea

Join a relaxed cruise aboard a yacht in the Ionian Sea, in rich blue shades of water and sky, between magical islands, clear turquoise bays, and white sails that dot the sea. The magnificent sunsets deepened the hues, and the Frappe coffee was cool in the cafes in the picturesque villages. I participated a cruise in western Greece, between Lefkada and Cephalonia, in September 2017.

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Colorful Summer Nights
in the Arctic Circle

In the Arctic summer in Iceland and Greenland, the sun lights up even the nights. Towards midnight a colorful sunset begins, as the sun approaches the horizon and illuminates everything in rich colors, and after a while, the sun rises again at a spectacular sunrise. I participated midnight photography workshops both in Iceland and Greenland, and volunteered in an Icelandic health center, in June and July 2017.

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Egypt. Thousands of
Years of History and Culture

I traveled in Egypt, along the Nile River Valley, and met hospitable people. I was amazed by the statues, reliefs and paintings, the vivid colors which kept five thousand years, the artistic quality and presentation of human beauty. I was impressed by the wonders of Egyptian architecture, which survived for six thousand years. I visited the sites along the Nile in December 2006 and January 2017.

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