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Egypt. Thousands of
Years of History and Culture

I traveled in Egypt, along the Nile River Valley, and met hospitable people. I was amazed by the statues, reliefs and paintings, the vivid colors which kept five thousand years, the artistic quality and presentation of human beauty. I was impressed by the wonders of Egyptian architecture, which survived for six thousand years. I visited the sites along the Nile in December 2006 and January 2017.

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Tough and Wild Kamchatka

During the intervals between rains, or when the clouds lifted slightly off the ground, I could admire the wild nature of Kamchatka. Bears on the loose in their own kingdom, amid streams and dense green vegetation. Volcanoes gasped, and minerals painted the ground in vibrant colors. I trekked with a backpack, flew in helicopters and had swung in monstrous vehicles in July and August 2016.

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The Impressive Ruins
of Jerash

I traveled in Jordan with Dr. Nahum Sagiv, historian and archaeologist, and Batzi Ziv, Christianity expert. We visited Gerasa (Jerash), the best preserved city amongst the Decapolis cities. We were impressed by the huge gates, magnificent colonnaded streets, the Tetrapylon erected at the intersection of the Cardo and the Decumanus, temples, theaters, Hippodrome, and the synagogue that turned into a church. We traveled in Jordan in April 2016.

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