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The mountain ranges in Montenegro are covered with black pine and beech trees, among which are flowing greenish streams, which pool into turquoise lakes. For a rainy week we trekked across mountain ridges, rafted along streams and glided suspended from ziplines, while raindrops and gray clouds blocked the view. Sometimes the cloud blanket rose, or even sunbeams penetrated them, revealing the beauty. I traveled in Montenegro in September 2019.

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Bhutan, The Kingdom
of Happiness

Hop on a visit to a small and enchanting kingdom on top of the Himalayas, in a wild landscape, which adheres to a Gross National Happiness index, and where most of the people practice Tibetan Buddhism. We will get acquainted with its culture, visit Dzongs which accommodate the Dual Governance of Administration and Monastic, and trek to the Jomolhari between mountains and rivers. I visited Bhutan during September-October 2018.

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The Tour of
Mont Blanc

Let's circle The Mont Blanc massif. We will start (and finish) north of Chamonix. Every day we climb about a thousand meters toward a mountain pass on a ridge that descends from the summit, and descend about a thousand meters to the deep gorges created by the thawing water, where we find accommodation. We will be impressed by the dramatic scenery, the rich alpine vegetation, glaciers, flowing streams, and get wet in the rain. I walked around The Mont Blanc in July-August 2018.

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