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Sanctity and beauty in
the Tsum valley in Nepal

I went on a trek around Manaslu in Nepal. On the way I entered Tsum valley and was moved by the landscapes and the Tibetan Buddhists in their traditional costumes, stupas and temples. After I returned from Tsum valley to the Manaslu circuit route, extremely stormy weather hit the whole of Nepal, which included torrential rain, landslides, and snow avalanches. After five days of waiting in Dang village, I flew back to Kathmandu by helicopter. This took place in the months of September-October 2022..

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The life cycle in
Costa Rica

In Costa Rica I felt the cycles of life and death in a tangible way. In the rainforests I experienced how the flora and fauna nourish each other, and how when one organism dies new life is created from it. Observing the various mechanisms that plants and animals develop was impressive. I experienced them all up close, because in Costa Rica the people are welcoming, and the animals do not shun humans. I traveled in Costa Rica in April 2022.

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St Katherine Trek in Sinai

The granite mountains of St Katherine, generally known as "The High Mountain", rise to great heights in red and grey. Interspersed with granite "sculptures", lush orchards, clear springs, and cool wells. For five days we climbed up peaks, admired sunsets and sunrises, and spent the nights in orchards. Local guides from the Jebeliya Bedouins showed us the way, cooked, and their camels carried the luggage. I revisited the high mountains of Sinai in September 2021.

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